Is it easy to produce 1,000,000 tons of Kuban rice?

It's not that difficult, you need to build one of the largest irrigation systems in the world, create a rice institute with a unique scientific team, spend several decades on seed selection and equip rice fields with an area of ​​500,000 hectares.

We are proud that our company is part of this inspiring story. Join and you!

Rice for sushi
Rice is a popular food item that, due to its neutral taste, can used in many dishes. Our rice is ideal for preparing the most delicious and perfect sushi and rolls. Rice is dried, cleaned, polished on the most modern equipment, thanks to which it has a flat and smooth surface, which allows give the dish the perfect look.
Rice medium grain
This is considered rice that has a large thickness, and the length varies from 5 to 6 mm. When cooked, it remains moist and tender, with moderate stickiness, greater than that of long-grain rice.
Medium grain rice is available in different varieties, the most popular being white. It is great for baking or steaming.

Coarse-grain rice

In this variety of rice, the grains are rounded, their length varies from 4 to 6 mm., Almost opaque. Puddings, milk porridges, soups, pies, casseroles, all kinds of desserts are prepared from it - coarse-grain rice sticks together perfectly due to the high content of resistant starch. For the same reason, it is useful to give it to children

Golden Swan

Rice of the highest grade, own production.
The length of the core is 7-7.9 mm.
Golden Swan was created by transforming rice with two genes for the biosynthesis of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A in the edible parts of rice. The research that led to the creation of Golden Swan rice was carried out to help children suffering from vitamin A deficiency (VAD).
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