A full-cycle rice production plant

About us

"Lebedi" is a company with many years of successful experience. We produce and export crops such as rice, chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans, coriander, etc.

The main principle of our company is careful control, which allows us to achieve the highest quality products.
We work only on modern imported equipment and constantly modernize production.

The main task of our team is to make cooperation with us truly convenient for partners. To do this, at the request of the partner, we can arrange delivery to anywhere in Russia and even the World.

Our products comply with the international standard and the requirements of TR CU 021/2011, which is confirmed by declarations of conformity.


Rice production started in 2012.

The Lebedi plant is equipped with modern DAEWON GSI equipment, which allows achieving the highest quality products.

At present, the rice plant has a processing capacity of 70,000 tons per year. After the launch of the second stage, the capacity of the plant will double.

To ensure the uninterrupted supply of rice cereals, we have increased the area of ​​rice cultivation. The enterprise annually develops in improving the quality of products and optimizing the raw material processing system.

The countries to which we already supply rice

Our company is proud to supply high-quality rice to many countries around the world, but the main share of acquisitions of our products are companies from Russia. Our rice is widely recognized for its unsurpassed quality and unique taste, remaining a preference for our regular partners in the Russian market.


Northern Cyprus
Cyprus (Akrotiri and Dhekelia)