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Krasnodar rice

Are you looking for a rice supplier? We invite you to try our products.
LLC "Lebedi" is a full—cycle rice production plant: from breeding to the counter.
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Important news

A cooperation agreement has been signed with the Republic of Kalmykia

On June 15, an agreement on cooperation between the steppe region and Lebedi-Agro LLC was signed.

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Why are our rice varieties in demand on the market?

Over the years of successful work, we have proudly become a reliable supplier in more than 20 countries around the world, strengthening partnerships with more than 500 companies.
  • Full production cycle
    Selection, cultivation, harvesting, storage, production of ready–made rice and delivery - the whole process is under control, ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Cost
    Due to the scale of production, we provide competitive prices without loss of product quality.
  • The largest agricultural complex in Russia since 2005
    The plant processes 70,000 tons of rice per year, and fields in the Astrakhan Territory, Astrakhan Region and Kalmykia guarantee stable volumes.
  • High-quality rice
    Cooperation with the Krasnodar Rice Institute ensures high quality. Our varieties are suitable even for the production of baby food.
  • Good shelf life
    Raw rice is processed before delivery, ensuring freshness and a long shelf life.
  • Timely deliveries
    Thanks to the planning of cultivation and expansion of production, we guarantee stable supplies, meeting the needs of our partners.

Rice Trademarks

Our products comply with international standards and requirements of TR CU 021/2011, which is confirmed by declarations of conformity.
Polished round-grain rice TM "YASHIKI" Premium Rice
* Yashiki rice is a medium grain variety that is ideal for use in all your favorite recipes.
* Premium rice suitable for a wide range of applications, from sushi to paella.
* Easy to cook both on the stove and in your rice cooker.
* Each grain is sorted and carefully selected to ensure maximum quality, which makes each dish unforgettable.
Polished round-grain rice TM "LEBEDI" Premium Rice
* Swan rice is premium quality round—grain rice.
* A universal product of wide application.
* Designed for cooking various dishes of Russian, European and Asian cuisine.
Polished round-grain rice TM "Yashiki CALIFORNIA" Premium Rice
* California rice is short—grained rice of the highest quality.
* Hard, short and sticky grains are the preferred consistency for most traditional Japanese dishes, especially sushi.
* Large round grains retain their hardness for a long time of storage in finished form.
* The taste is rich and nutty.
Ground coarse-grained rice TM "GOLDEN SWAN" Premium Rice
* Golden Swan rice is a large—grain rice variety of its own selection.
* Rice does not boil and does not stick together, absorbs water and flavors of other foods well when cooking.
* It is distinguished by the crystal transparency of the grain.
* Recommended for cooking Oriental and Arabic dishes such as pilaf and mansaf.
Polished round-grain rice TM "CALROSE RICE" Premium Rice
* Calrose rice is a type of medium—sized rice. It is a favorite variety among many chefs because it is easy to cook and has a pleasant, lush texture.
* The product is versatile, which means that it can be used in both savory and sweet dishes such as Paella, Risotto, Stuffed peppers, Chicken with rice, etc.
* An excellent choice for those who prefer rice with a mild flavor.
* Calrose rice can be cooked in a rice cooker in the same way as other types of rice.

LLC "Swans"

Swans is a company with many years of successful experience. We produce and export crops such as rice, chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans, coriander, etc.

The main principle of our company is careful control, which allows us to achieve the highest quality of products.

We work only on modern imported equipment and constantly modernize production.

The main task of our team is to make cooperation with us truly convenient for partners. To do this, at the request of the partner, we can arrange delivery to any point in Russia and even the World.

Our products comply with international standards and requirements of TR CU 021/2011, which is confirmed by declarations of conformity.

Full production cycle

We are developing new varieties together with the Rice Institute
We grow rice in the fields of the Astrakhan territory
Modern technology allows you to harvest carefully
We store raw rice in special conditions that allow us to prolong freshness
We process raw rice immediately before delivery
We deliver any batch of rice throughout Russia and to many foreign countries

The countries to which we already supply Astrakhan rice

Our company is proud to supply high-quality rice to many countries around the world, but the main share of acquisitions of our products are companies from Russia. Our rice is widely recognized for its unsurpassed quality and unique taste, remaining a preference for our regular partners in the Russian market.


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